Learning LINUX was Never so Easy!!

Linux is an open source versatile operating system. Learning Linux was never as easy as it is today. Several of the Linux blogs have been published and yes they prove their value by providing the best writings.

As Linux is an open source operating system so the code is available to the users. The users can add or modify the code according to their use.

Why Learn Linux ?
  • If you are a tech guy and want to make your dream career in the technology world, leaning Linux can be a great deal.
  • You can make yourself qualified and efficient as per today’s tech trends.
  • Now the world is run on the wheel of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, big data computation, etc. And learning Linux will help you to cope up with all these open source trends and technology.
  • Linux is an OS which is reliable, secure and virus free.
  • Other OS become slow as they are used but that is not the case with Linux.
  • It can be used in parallel with other OS like Windows.
  • There are several versions of Linux which offers different advantages and facilities to work upon for numerous types of users.
Top Linux Blog to Learn from

As all fingers cannot be same likewise many of the blogs maybe not important to you. As a beginner, you would be confused which Linux blog to follow and which not to follow.

Whether you are a beginner or a SysAdmin, it is always hard to find out the best Linux blogs in this vast ocean of the internet.

I have tried to categorize a few blogs that you can follow. While its not possible to cover all the available blogs, i have tried to cover a few you can start from.

Top Linux Blogs for Beginners

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 OMG! Ubuntu! – Ubuntu Linux News, Apps and Reviews

Ubuntu is a good platform to start for beginners. There is a lot to learn using Ubuntu and Omg Ubuntu provides the best platform so that the users with a little knowledge of Linux can start their career. If you want to get the latest news just subscribe to this website and it will send regular notifications whenever new content is uploaded.

Linux Kernel Newbies: Linux_Kernel_Newbies

The kernel is an important part of Linux. Without learning kernel, you can not understand the basic functioning of Linux. Kernel Newbies is the best Linux blog about kernel on the web. The kernel developers could also share their knowledge about the kernel and add information on the website.

NoobsLab | Tips for Linux, Ubuntu, Reviews, Tutorials, and …

If you are fond of reading lengthy books and getting in-depth knowledge of technical Linux coding then this website is only for you.

LinOxide – Linux Howtos, Tips, Guides and Tutorials

If you do not know anything about Linux then no need to worry. Linoxide provides best Linux blogs so that you could learn it from scratch. Starting from how to install the Linux in your PC to secure your Linux server, they have everything in their blog.

It’s FOSS – Linux & Open Source Web Portal

It’s F.O.S.S is one of my favorite Linux blogs. It’s my inspiration beside labnol.com by Amit Agarwal. In my initial days, I started writing seen these blogs and its writing style. Still, I frequently check all these blogs and enjoy reading the articles.

 Linux Uprising Blog

If you want to know how to install any specific software or configure it then Linux Uprising Blog can help you in this regard a lot.

Top Linux Blogs for Experienced

 Linux.com | News for the open source professional

Linux.com is one of the best leading Linux learning blogs out there which is brought by The Linux Foundation. This Linux blog focuses on Linux desktop, tutorials, how to guides, open source software, data science, mobile & embedded system, devops, networking, cloud computing, etc.

nixCraft — Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, And Ideas In Blog

nixCraft is another Linux blog which is basically best for professionals. This site deals with Linux shell scripting, tutorials, open source software, system monitoring tools, Linux server security, and latest cutting edge Linux news.

Linux Journal | The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

Linux Journal is basically an online publication for Linux system, but still, its online site offers a wide range of write-ups for learning Linux online. It covers cloud system, Linux desktop, kernel, mobile platform, Linux networking and programming, Linux security, server, and sysadmin, etc.

 Google News – Linux

If you want to learn Linux online, then Google news Linux section can be a great source of contents. Here, you get all sort of cutting edge articles and news of Linux from every corner of the world.

Sysads.co.uk | Linux tutorials, howtos and step by step guides

Sysads.co.uk is a blog site for Linux enthusiast. It has plenty of in-depth resource about Linux tips and hacks, Linux gaming, Terminal, command, security, desktop environments, etc.


If you are a Java, C++ or Linux developer, then this website is for you only. This website contains a wide range of online tutorials on an enterprise level with a must know information on technical stuff. Now you do not have to buy any expensive books as all the books and tutorials are available for free on this website.

 Other Linux Blogs worth Looking for

The Linux Rain | Linux Gaming News, Tutorial, and Reviews

The Linux Rain is yet another Linux blog which primarily deals with tutorials, reviews, latest Linux news, upcoming events, etc.

Red Hat Linux Blog

Linux BlogsRed Hat Enterprise Linux Blog is a collection of blog sites which comes from the company and cover various aspect of RedHat ecosystem. Red hat blog, OpenShift blog, Red Hat enterprise blog, Red Hat Stack, Red Hat security blog, Ansible blog, Middleware blog, etc. are some of the resourceful Linux blogs from Red Hat.

GameJolt – Indie games for the love of it

Gaming on Linux has come a long way. The days are gone when people used to say that Linux is not perfect for gaming. Now Linux has a huge gaming fan base along with a wide range of high-quality games.

Steam Store

Talking about the Linux games and not mentioning the Steam store, will not be justice to my audience. The Steam store has helped the Linux system for getting popularity in the gaming sector.


So these are the top blogs that you should have bookmarked till now in your browser. You can visit these websites anytime and these Linux blogs will provide you with the latest and updated content on the web.

If you’ll follow the above-mentioned websites then you are ready to face the Linux challenges.

A certification also gets you ready for the challenges and bring you better opportunities. If you are preparing for any Linux certification, check out Linux certifications trainings and give your preparation a new edge.

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